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1967-1972 F100 Crown Vic subframe locator kit


This is the locator kit designed by Josh Miller. It is the easiest way to locate your Crown Victoria front subframe when installing into the 67-72 Ford F100 truck frame. This kit puts the front wheels in the stock location within the wheel wells. You simply install the large 3D printed tool into the stock frame holes and drill the pilot hole. This allows you to either enlarge the pilot hole with a step drill to use the stock CV plastic pin. Or remove the pin and install the 3D printed locator. Once you enlarge the hole, or replace the plastic cone locator you can either clamp the subframe into place and use it to trace out the placement of Jake Winterton's boxing plate kit, or use the other tools provided to drill the proper holes for using the stock frame rails and doing your own boxing and subframe bolt tubes. There is nothing easier than this kit for making sure you get the wheels placed correctly in the wheel wells.   


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