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NEW 15" Crown Victoria Front Big Brake Kit



This is the brand new ATP 15" 03-11 Crown Vic front big brake kit. It can be purchased with either a 2 piece rotor design in either slotted or drilled and slotted style. It can also be purchase with 1 piece solid rotor design instead of the 2 piece design. The 2 piece rotor would be needed if you want to match the ATP rear 14" Crown Vic 8.8 big brake kit or match the soon to be released ATP S550 IRS 14" big brake kit. Unfortunately the 1 piece solid rotor does not have a matching rear big brake kit, but a stock rear brake with painted caliper would match nicely giving it a more subtle look, but very big brake upgrade at the same time. 

The ATP 15" Crown Vic big brake kit requires a minium 19" wheels to fit. The 2 piece rotor design has about 1/4" more width than stock to help with wheel fitment using factory style 19" mustang wheels.  

This kit comes with everything you need to install, including the safety wire style rotor to rotor hat bolts, calper mounting bolts, hydraulic fittings and hoses. You can choose between the base BP-10 wilwood street pads, or upgrades to the performance yellow stuff EBC pads. There are black, red and gray color caliper options as well. 

Caliper Color:
Brake Pads:

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