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Electric Steering Rack conversion for 2015+ Mustang Rack into 2003+ Crown Victoria suspension


Check out the video we did on installing the E-rack kit into my personal 1964 F100. 


This kit allows you to convert your factory Crown Victoria hydraulic power steering rack to a 2015+ Mustang electric steering rack. 


If you are running a COYOTE engine: Depending on how the engine is mounted, it is very likely you cannot run the stock coyote oil filter/cooler housing. You will need to run an oil filter relocation kit to ensure you have enough clearance from the E-Rack. 


This kit will come with the following:

1. Custom designed, TIG welded and powder coated steering rack bracket.

2. Brand new Moog outer tie rod ends that are pre-modified for the 2015+ mustang E-Rack.

3. Brand new electrical connectors and wiring pigtails for 2015+ mustang E-Rack. Main power wires are 6 gauge high quality automotive grade cables.

4. Grade 8 and 10.9 hardware for installing bracket to the CV subframe and 2015+ mustang E-Rack to the new custom bracket.

Required modifications for E-Rack installation:

1. You will need to shorten the inner tie rod end threads on the Mustang E-Rack by 1" on each side. The CV outer tie rods are longer than the stock Mustang outer tie rods and you won't get enough toe adjustment if you don't shorten the threads on the stock Mustang inner tie rods. 

2. You will need drill a 1/2" hole into the bottom of the CV crossmember to install the supplied 1/2" grade 8 bolt for the center mount of the bracket. DO NOT SKIP THIS STEP Using only the 2 bracket mounting holes is not adequate and will have noticeable deflection and cause excessive stress on the bracket. 

3. You will need to ensure that your CV subframe bolts are pointed up like Ford did with the factory Crown Victoria. If you have the bolts facing down you will either need to switch them to face upward or cut the ends of the bolt down and possibly use a shorter nut to secure the crossmember. If you do not do this the bolts will contact the steering rack boots.  

Benefits of this conversion:

1. Mustang rack has much quicker ratio at about 14:1 vs CV which is about 17:1 ratio

2. No more issues figuring out how to get power steering with Coyote swap. Typically you either have to buy a drive setup to add a P/S pump to the coyote or run the Volvo electric pump. You no longer have to deal with any of those. 

3. No longer need to worry about Hydraulic fluid leaks, coolers, or high pressure hoses and custom fittings for them. Get rid of all of that. 

4. Get much better steering feel from the consistent Mustang assist. The Mustang E-Rack has a very nice default assist feel. 


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