ATP designs

Steel Weld In Threaded Bung


These are the new ATP weld in frame bungs. They have 1/2" coarse threads and a 1" body OD with 1.25" face OD. We use these for easily bolting in the Outcase Autoworks LCA rear mounts, or the Soulless Innovations replacement body frame mounts. They are also great for bolting on a custom frame mounted battery box or for bolting a custom transmission mount to the frame. They are very universal and have a number of useful ways they could be utilized to help with your custom project. These do require a competent welder with the proper tools to correctly weld 1/4" thick steel. They are 3/4” long threaded area so lots of clamping ability. They work fantastic for when you want to add something to a boxed frame when you don’t have the ability to add a nut on the backside to clamp. 

Price is for 1 bung

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